Have Slack give you the heads up on 4:20

With the reminder function in Slack you can always have a heads up on 4:20. To set a reminder you use the /remind keyword. The exact syntax looks like:

/remind [who] [what] [when]

So to be reminded about 4:20 you would write:

/remind me "Yo, heads up. 4:20!" at 4:20pm

To take it a little further, you can have Slack remind a whole channel with a graphical readout everyday:

/remind #theHeads :four::two::zero: everyday at 4:20pm

Executive Coaching

Managers, physicians and other professionals often are promoted to executive positions based on their personal success. In a leadership position, they may find themselves in need of skill enhancement to remain balanced and successful.

Executive coaching offers a personalized experience and helps executives enhance leadership skills by providing specific feedback, behavioral tools and challenging ideas that apply to performance and communication within their organizations.

Notes for CodeSchool's Javascript ES2015

This article is now hosted at: http://bbros.us/blog/notes-codeschools-es2015

The following are my notes for ES2015: The Shape of JavaScript to Come course: https://www.codeschool.com/courses/es2015-the-shape-of-javascript-to-come . The course gives an overview of the new syntax features available in ES2015. (Please also see the attached file for better formatting.)

Notes for CodeSchool's Javascript Best Practices

The following are my notes for Codeschool.com Java Script Best Practices course: http://campus.codeschool.com/courses/javascript-best-practices/contents . The coarse mainly features how to create modules from your javascript code, in a way that is easy to manage. (Please also see the attached file for better formatting.)

JavaScript Best Practices

* notes 1.1

Notes for CodeSchool's Javascript Roadtrip 3

The following is my notes from Codeschools javascript road trip part 3 (https://www.codeschool.com/courses/javascript-road-trip-part-3). I have also included my answers to challenges. Please also see attached text file for better formatting.

Notes for CodeSchool's Javascript Roadtrip 2


while loop
runs code as long as boolean is true
while (expression is true) { do this code }

for loop
provides same looping functionality as while
for (initialize var; loop expression; increment var) { do this code }


if and else statements
execute code based on conditions
if (condition) {
} else {
other code

else-if syntax
allows for checking more than one condition
final else is only used if other conditions not met
if (condition) {
} else if (condition2) {
} else {

Notes for CodeSchool's Javascript Roadtrip

Here are my notes for Code School's Javascript Road Trip: http://javascript-roadtrip.codeschool.com


math operators:
+ - * / % (remainder from division)

javascript follows standard order of for math operations

comparators - return booleans
> < == != >= <=

how javascript stores and processes flat text
"strings needs quotes"

concationation: +
"cat " + "man" = "cat man"
works with numbers and expresions

special characters
\t tab
\" quotes
\\ backslash
\n newline

string comparisons

Notes for Code School course Shaping Up with Angular

The following is my notes to go along with the free Code School course Shaping Up with Angular (https://www.codeschool.com/courses/shaping-up-with-angular-js)

what is angular?

- a client-side javascript framework for adding interactivity to HTML

We created Flashdecks.com specifically for teachers and students

Happy_teacher.jpgWhen we created Flashdecks.com, an "Open Content" flashcard website, we specifically had teachers and students in mind. Creating and organizing flashcards is simple for teachers. Students can independently and anonymously access flashcards anywhere. Memorization of facts can be rapidly facilitated through repeated use.

10 Most Common Dog Breeds Flashcards

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