Pickled Eggs

Since times immoral, men have pondered the question of how to go on drinking with little to eat. One favored solution, and a quick turn of a buck for a sharp barkeep, is Pickled Eggs. What follows is an impromptu (and never tasted) salute to the bottom shelf of many a Montanan Suds Hut:

Pancakes, the Sunday Stack

Stack of PancakesStack of Pancakes Being hungry for pancakes here in Prague led me to do an internet search for recipes. Every Sunday, and on random weekdays, I have been turning out batches of flapjacks for the family. I have now settled on the perfect recipe, that I am proud to say involves a bit of my own tweaking, and thus I feel as if this recipe is actually mine.

This pancake recipe makes six plate sized cakes and twelve if you double the amounts of all the ingredients. I have done my best to make the instructions as detailed as possible, but if you want to cut to the chase you should: mix the dry together, mix the wet together, mix the wet into the dry, fry.

Stack of Pancakes

Stack of Pancakes

Fazolove Lusky Na Paprice

Green Beans with Paprika

Green beans steeped in a wonderful nutty flavor from browned butter. While caramelized onions and paprika added terrific depth to this simple dish.

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