Apache Missing After Time Machine Restore

My last post was about the importance of a proper backup and how you should perform this using time machine while encrypting your user account with filevault. Which was a little bit foresighted, because I soon afterwords had my machine go tits up on me.

Because we want to know: CrownedUp.com

A good friend of mine, and a an Apple mastermind, just started a new blog: CrownedUp.com, with the tagline reading: 'because we like to know'. I have a couple things to say about this. Number one: I love the name and wish that it was mine. And number two: I have used, to some great success, many of the suggestions posted on the blog thus far.

Most, but not all, of the posts on the site have something to do with hacking a mac or mac related technologies. I consider myself somewhat of a white hat mac hack, and thus have subscribed to the RSS feed on the front page.

Differentiate SSH Sessions by Color

As a website entrepreneur, much of my day to day work involves using the terminal on my laptop to SSH into a remote server. As my business has grown, so has the number of servers that I have to communicate with. The problem that I have been dealing with lately is differentiating between SSH sessions. My partial solution is to use a different background color of each terminal tab/window that holds an ssh session.

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