What version of openssl am i running?

Since the Heartbleed bug was recently announced, everyone is scrambling to make sure their version of openssl is not vulnerable. To quickly tell if you are running a vulnerable version, run:

openssl version -a

Any version later than OpenSSL 1.0.1 is vulnerable and should be fixed. Please see the heart bleed homepage.

Apple Hardware Test Image

Apple Hardware Test Image

Encrypt Later: Filevault and Time Machine

I am an adamant believer that we are living in the age of information. The knowledge that we collect and protect is now one of the biggest measures of our worth. This post is about the latter matter of protecting the data that you have either created or collected on your computer, specifically your Apple computer. This protection takes two forms: one is protecting the integrity of your data; and the second is protecting your data from prying eyes.

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