Encrypt Later: Filevault and Time Machine

I am an adamant believer that we are living in the age of information. The knowledge that we collect and protect is now one of the biggest measures of our worth. This post is about the latter matter of protecting the data that you have either created or collected on your computer, specifically your Apple computer. This protection takes two forms: one is protecting the integrity of your data; and the second is protecting your data from prying eyes.

Because we want to know:

A good friend of mine, and a an Apple mastermind, just started a new blog:, with the tagline reading: 'because we like to know'. I have a couple things to say about this. Number one: I love the name and wish that it was mine. And number two: I have used, to some great success, many of the suggestions posted on the blog thus far.

Most, but not all, of the posts on the site have something to do with hacking a mac or mac related technologies. I consider myself somewhat of a white hat mac hack, and thus have subscribed to the RSS feed on the front page.

Differentiate SSH Sessions by Color

As a website entrepreneur, much of my day to day work involves using the terminal on my laptop to SSH into a remote server. As my business has grown, so has the number of servers that I have to communicate with. The problem that I have been dealing with lately is differentiating between SSH sessions. My partial solution is to use a different background color of each terminal tab/window that holds an ssh session.

Mac 10.5 Leopard ate my Keyboard Viewer

So you just laid down the big bucks and got yourself the newest computer Apple has to offer. Then you moved to another country and decided you needed to activate another input language. You found this blog and read my post about Writing in Czech (Čeština) on your Mac. Sweet you think to yourself, but halfway through the instructions you notice that all of the palettes are missing. Should you just throw away the computer and get a Dell, or should you follow these additional instructions?

Writing in Czech (Čeština) on your Mac

Adding the ability to type in another language, such as Czech, on your OS X Mac is quite simple. Follow these instructions and you will be typing your Czech homework in no time.

Adding GD Support to PHP in Mac OS 10.5.5

So you just got a sweet new MacBook Pro, turned on your web server, uncommented the PHP include, got mySQL up and running and talking to PHP and Apache through the proper socket. You are awesome, but you don't stop there. You install Drupal 6+ and get a big fat error on the first page, "You Don't have GD support." Ouch, but don't worry, I am here to hold your hand.

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