Garmin 405 - Help my Lap Database is Full

For the last two weeks, my Garmin 405 has been warning me, "That the lap database is full, and that old data will be erased." This message would appear at the completion of every 1 mile lap, in a message window that nearly covers the entire screen. I was a little annoyed at the warning, but was fine with the automatic deletion of old laps since I daily upload to Garmin Connect. But I was wrong, You have to deal with this ASAP to maintain data integrity!

How to Park a Domain at Google via Adsense

As a Web developer I have collected a large stable of domains over the years. Sometimes from clients that failed to make payments. Sometimes from when my own genious internet startup ideas get no further then the late night domain purchase. I decided to make better use of my domains and have now turned a select few of them into parked domains at Google Adsense. An example can be found at . While I was at it, I wrote detailed notes for my company's use. I have included a version of those notes here to help anyone else along who plans to do the same.

Mock Polaroid Montage Photoshop Howto II

A detailed tutorial on how to turn a single digital photograph into a realistic looking polaroid montage. I will detail this with full instructions at every step so that it should only take a small amount of photoshop knowledge to recreate it.

Open your desired photo in photoshop
Duplicate the background layer (Layer => Duplicate Layer...)
Add a slight bevel to layer (Layer => Layer Style => Bevel and Emboss...)

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