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Drupal 7 Ubercart Recurring Payment Cancellation Rule

For a current Drupal 7 project that uses Ubercart and Ubercart Recurring to provide for a subscription service, I need the ability for an admin user to be able to cancel a user's ongoing recurring fee when a subscription level is changed. I accomplished this with the following php rule:

// load all recurring fees for a user
$recurring_fees = uc_recurring_get_user_fees($user_uid);
// loop through fees
foreach ($recurring_fees AS $fee) {
// cancel each fee

Drupal 7 'Add to Cart' Rule for Ubercart

On a current site in development I am using Ubercart to provide a renewable subscription service. To make the user experience clean, I wanted to protect the user from going 'shopping' to add their subscription. To do this I decided to use a rule to add the product to the user cart when the user is created by an administrator or when the subscription is cancelled or fails payment. I tried the Ubercart Rules module, but this is mainly for dealing with orders and not carts, and did not contain the needed add to cart rule.

Baxwrds - now with Open Revisioning!

I just opened up the viewing of revisions to anonymous users on my site. Check it out on my recipe for pickled eggs: http://baxwrds.com/node/469/revisions

You can use the Diff function provided by the diff module to get revisions highlighted for you. Allowing you to tell that I just added this paragraph:

Homegrown Drupal 5 Webform SPAM Filtering

One of my clients started getting massive amounts of SPAM through his web form created contact form. Since this contact form is displayed as a block on ever page, I didn't want to put in an obtrusive captcha. I did try the hidden captcha module, but found that it is already automated against. I decided to hit it straight on and wrote a snippet of code to not submit, but error instead, when the body contains the http prefix.

Up with the Google Fonts Module

After being alerted to Google Fonts, the Google Font API, and the Google Fonts Module in a recent Drupal Planet post (http://acquia.com/blog/robert/google-fonts-api-time-drupal-market-one-day), I dropped my lunch and said, "Rad!" Then I rolled up the sleeves and dropped a few fonts into my blog as easy as the dog drops logs on the lawn. What follow is usage notes and examples on getting this all going for yourself:

How-to wrap your CSS Injector files into a new Zen sub-theme

I frequently use a 3rd party designer to help with the tedious task of going from PSD to final theme. If you haven't realized it yet, but alot of designers have problems setting up a local MAMP install w/ drupal in which to fuck with css. To deal with this without giving the designer any command-line access, my shop uses what we call CZI on all drupal installs. This stands for CSS Injector, Zen theme, IMCE, and allows a designer to upload images and apply css rules to a development site they have been given permissions for on the theme, Zen, that provides all the classes and ids anyone would need.

After my shop, the designer, and the client are satisfied, CSS Injector and it's external files become a weight and need to be removed. Below I detail the process of using Zenophile (http://drupal.org/project/zenophile) to create a zen subtheme in which to wrap up all your CSS Injector files:

Configuring Image Assist in Drupal 6

Image Assist is a great choice for adding images to content in Drupal. This module allows users to upload and insert inline images into posts. It automatically generates an Add image link under the textarea fields of your choice. In this post I will go throught the initial setup of this module, saving usage for a later post.

For a good discussion on multiple ways of importing images into your drupal site and each approaches pros and cons, please see: http://crownedup.com .

  1. Check your Status Report

Drupal Legal Module Provides Required Terms and Conditions

If you want to make any sort of terms and conditions applicable to becoming a member of your Drupal site, I would suggest using the Legal module. It provides for a text agreement that a user must agree to to get an account on the site. The agreement is signified via a single checkbox or multiple custom checkboxes. Additionally, the terms can be updated which requires users to agree to the agreement during their next site visit, a text box also provides for notes on changes.

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