What version of openssl am i running?

Since the Heartbleed bug was recently announced, everyone is scrambling to make sure their version of openssl is not vulnerable. To quickly tell if you are running a vulnerable version, run:

openssl version -a

Any version later than OpenSSL 1.0.1 is vulnerable and should be fixed. Please see the heart bleed homepage.

HTTP Response Codes

An HTTP Response Code will be sent to a client browser when they attempt to make a connection to a remote server via the HTTP protocol. A quick way to remember these codes is to study them on flashcards at onlineflashcards.net. The links to the cards can be found here: http://onlineflashcards.net/decks/timb/http-responce-codes

Apache Missing After Time Machine Restore

My last post was about the importance of a proper backup and how you should perform this using time machine while encrypting your user account with filevault. Which was a little bit foresighted, because I soon afterwords had my machine go tits up on me.

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