Have Slack give you the heads up on 4:20

With the reminder function in Slack you can always have a heads up on 4:20. To set a reminder you use the /remind keyword. The exact syntax looks like:

/remind [who] [what] [when]

So to be reminded about 4:20 you would write:

/remind me "Yo, heads up. 4:20!" at 4:20pm

To take it a little further, you can have Slack remind a whole channel with a graphical readout everyday:

/remind #theHeads :four::two::zero: everyday at 4:20pm

My Mac told me it was 4:20

To get your apple computer to verbally remind you everyday at 4:20 that is 4:20, you need to set a crontab with a say command.
In your terminal run the command: sudo crontab -e. Then enter the following line:

20 16 * * * say -v fred 'what time is it?'; say '4 20'


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