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Clear Wireless http://cleardmodem ??!!!?! #@$?

Yesterday I got my Clear Hub Express for wireless 3g internet. The initial setup was straightforward and I was soon online with the default network ID and password. I like to have my network settings much tighter, so I needed to get into the modem admin screen. The 'quick start' guide supplied with the modem said to surf to 'http://cleardmodem' in your browser to administrate. This address does not work! The correct address is 'http://clearmodem'.

Jerk offs!

Using an O2 Huawei E1750 USB 3G Modem with Snow Leopard in Prague

On my most recent trip to Prague, I needed to secure relatively hi-speed internet on a month by month basis, without waiting the 2 weeks required to DSL your home line. A home line that I didn't even own. Before my arrival my wife got a vodafone cellar modem for me, which worked right out of the box and came with a month free trial with deposit. This sounded exploitable, except the 2gb limit (in a month) ran out fast, and from there Vodafone requires 6 month contracts. I did a little research and found that O2 has an English speaking store and a day by day prepay contract. Awesome.

I get the modem, run to my soviet-era panel building and plug the modem in. Nothing. Nothing at all.

Huawei E1750

Huawei E1750
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