I can't Tab in Safari or Control+Option+Tab

As a Drupal developer and Mac fanatic, I find myself frequently entering scripts into textareas in Safari. I also like my code to be well formatted with the proper amount of tabs for indents. If you found this post than you probably are also frustrated with the fact that the tab key is reserved for switching focus between onscreen widgets. Two or Four spaces is a common alternative to the tab for scripting, but once I start counting to 12 while pushing the space bar, I get a little antsy. So today I put on the hardhat and did a little experimenting on how to create a tab in Safari. Whilst collecting this data I compiled this list of tab powered key entries in Safari:

  • tab = switch focus to next text entry widget on page (text field / text area)
  • shift+tab = switch focus to previous text entry widget on page (text field / text area)
  • option+tab = switch focus to next widget on page
  • shift+option+tab = switch focus to previous widget on page
  • control+tab = switch focus to top URL entry (same as: command+k)
  • shift+control+tab = switch focus to top search entry (google)
  • control+option+tab = insert tab into text area

Peace out, 5000.


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Thanx! Just what I needed. I


Just what I needed. I was going crazy copying / pasting tab spaces during CMS Integration... This will save me a LOT of time ;-)

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