Using an O2 Huawei E1750 USB 3G Modem with Snow Leopard in Prague

On my most recent trip to Prague, I needed to secure relatively hi-speed internet on a month by month basis, without waiting the 2 weeks required to DSL your home line. A home line that I didn't even own. Before my arrival my wife got a vodafone cellar modem for me, which worked right out of the box and came with a month free trial with deposit. This sounded exploitable, except the 2gb limit (in a month) ran out fast, and from there Vodafone requires 6 month contracts. I did a little research and found that O2 has an English speaking store and a day by day prepay contract. Awesome.

I get the modem, run to my soviet-era panel building and plug the modem in. Nothing. Nothing at all.

I read the box and find that the Huawei E1750 3G modem is only for windows. Fuck that. I use google translate and numerous European language help pages and blogs (see below) to implement numerous solutions. But none of these solutions works quite right, and finally I find my way to my own solution (and you don't need to download foreign drivers or apps):

  1. Plug the modem into a USB port on your computer. You should already have the SIM card in the modem.
  2. Open your Network Preferences: apple menu > System Preferences > Network.

    Huawei Modem Network SettingsHuawei Modem Network Settings

  3. From the three Huawei choices presented on the left side, choose the one that ends with the word: 'modem'.
  4. For Telephone number input: *99#.
  5. Leave the Account Name and Password fields blank,
  6. Choose the option 'Show modem status in menu bar' to get an easy to use interface for the modem.
  7. Choose the 'Advanced...' button to continue.

    Huawei Modem Advanced Network SettingsHuawei Modem Advanced Network Settings

  8. For Vendor select Generic.
  9. For Model select GPRS (GSM/3G).
  10. For APN inpu 'internet'. This APN is specific to O2 in CZ, if you are setting this up elsewhere, you should be able to find your APN with a specific google search.
  11. Choose 'OK' to go back to the previous page. Then choose 'Apply' to do just that.
  12. From here you can click on the modem icon in your menu bar, then choose 'Connect HuaweiMobile-Modem' to connect.

    3G Modem Menu3G Modem Menu

  13. Your good to go. Cool. Super.

some helpful resources:


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I am searching for this

I am searching for this solution for a long time. But now i got it. you have given clear idea. Thanks for sharing this.

Thanks - also you might have

Thanks - also you might have issues with outdated drivers on Macs - shows how to get an updated hauwei drivers for Macs.

Actually I ended up using an old iPhone 3G that I happened to be carrying on this trip as the dongle obstructed my other USB port. But, hey, thanks anyway :)

Martin Cleaver

On my way to Prague, where I

On my way to Prague, where I stashed a Huawei modem in a drawer from the last time. It's great to have instructions in the event the previous settings are corrupted. Thanks!

excellent detailed post -

excellent detailed post - many thanks (and I like your sense of humour - I'm working in Nigeria at present where this sort of stuff is *way* more difficult believe me! :-)

thanks man. this helps me a

thanks man. this helps me a lot!

other method i use just dont work.

thanks again!

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