Czech Flash Cards Bonus

I had a little time to spend in my Drupal workshop this evening and I cooked you all up another view on the ever popular Czech flash cards. Additionally I have incorporated another batch of cards bringing the total count above the 200 mark.

What's new? The first thing that is noticable is the new layout with all the cards in a grid. You like? I like. After that your astute eye may notice the dropdown of subject choices allowing you to choose from many different catagories of words, such as numbers or handy phrases. This was done with a taxonomy applied to all of the words. Then like the proverbial cherry on top, you make a filter selection or switch pages and it loads via AJAX. There you have it, czech it out for yourself.

And if you haven't seen it yet, the original view(s) on the flashcards can be found at:

And finally the original post that contains details on the construction of the flashcards in Drupal can be found at:

Peace Out!


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