How to Park a Domain at Google via Adsense

As a Web developer I have collected a large stable of domains over the years. Sometimes from clients that failed to make payments. Sometimes from when my own genious internet startup ideas get no further then the late night domain purchase. I decided to make better use of my domains and have now turned a select few of them into parked domains at Google Adsense. An example can be found at . While I was at it, I wrote detailed notes for my company's use. I have included a version of those notes here to help anyone else along who plans to do the same.

  1. Log into Google Adsense at:
  2. Proceed to AdSense for Domains:
  3. From this page choose add new domains:
  4. In the textarea enter the domains you wish to park one per line.
  5. Set language (I presume English), and click the Submit button.
  6. On the resulting page you will get a list of DNS records, such as these:
    • 4 A records : ; ; ;
    • 1 CNAME record : www -
  7. Copy these DNS records. (it will be same for all of your parked domains)
  8. Modify the DNS records for your domains to the listings just given to you by google.
  9. Log back into Google Adsense and proceed to AdSense for Domains:
  10. The Pending tab should now dispaly the number of domains that you choose to park. Click on this tab to see the pending domain list. Click the checkboxes next to all of the domains. Then from the pulldown menu, choose Recheck Domain.
  11. It will take a few hours to half a day for the pages to be verified. While you wait you can repeat the last two steps every few hours until domain is verified.
  12. Once verified the domains will show on the Active tab. You can also visit the domain to see the ads in action now.
  13. Click on the name of one of your domains and you will be taken to a page where you can customize colors and add keywords to the domain. Keywords are used to generate the ads that appear at the domain.
    • Add four keywords separated by commas.
    • Choose save keyword hints.

If you haven't yet, you can visit your domain and click on a few of the links to watch the money roll right in.

Good Luck.

Please also see my post listing a few of the domains I have parked at Google:


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There is option available in

There is option available in the left corner where you can go and attach your ad sense but it is all about google to approve them or not.

please if i want to park

please if i want to park domain, do i need to host it with any hosting company or just park it after registration. also how does google pay per click for parked domains
pls reply @

You do not need domain

You do not need domain hosting, but you do need DNS service.

This How To is very useful

This How To is very useful considering how many people buy a domain name just to be sure no one else takes it but they don't use it right away or ever in some cases. Why not park that domain and get some revenue from it? Even if it's not a fortune, every buck made means that that domain is worth it.

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