Homegrown Drupal 5 Webform SPAM Filtering

One of my clients started getting massive amounts of SPAM through his web form created contact form. Since this contact form is displayed as a block on ever page, I didn't want to put in an obtrusive captcha. I did try the hidden captcha module, but found that it is already automated against. I decided to hit it straight on and wrote a snippet of code to not submit, but error instead, when the body contains the http prefix.

Here you go:

if ( stripos($form_values['submitted_tree']['notes_or_comments'], "http") ) {
form_set_error('notes_or_comments', 'Please do not include links to websites in your submissions.');

Change the two occurrences of notes_or_comments with the name of the text area you are dealing with. Then stick this code into the Additional Validation under advanced settings.

I know this is in no way a complete solution, but it does save an old client from dealing with two much SPAM and keeps me from doing anymore development in Drupal 5.

Peace out MFers!


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