Connect your Mac and your Garmin 405

Garmin finally released Mac support for their Garmin ANT USB Stick. I have had my Garmin Forerunner 405 for sometime and have been eagerly awaiting this. I decided that I would also write down the steps it took to get my watch to sync with the computer and to use it with Garmin Connect.

  1. download the ANT Agent from:
  2. mount DMG
  3. double-click mpkg file
  4. agree to EULA
  5. choose install location
  6. enter admin password
  7. restart computer
  8. Garmin ANT Agent will autostart
  9. Plug in your ANT USB Stick
  10. Set your Garmin 405 close (1 meter) to ANT stick
  11. Activate your watch by pressing one of the buttons
  12. A dialog will appear on screen with a number asking if you want to pair
  13. click yes
  14. A dialog will appear on your watch with the same number asking if you want to pair
  15. hit 'enter' for yes
  16. A dialog on computer will ask you to name the device
  17. tracks will begin to transfer
  18. a dialog will ask you to authorize the ANT Agent to connect with Garmin Connect
  19. click authorize now
  20. your browser will open garmin connect site
  21. create a new account
  22. log in with new account name on original page
  23. You will be told that you have succesfully authorized your ANT Agent
  24. when the full transfer from watch to computer has finished it will automatically begin uploading to Garmin Connect.
  25. when transfer is completed login to Garmin Connect:


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a little box pops up on 405

a little box pops up on 405 screen ...enter "yes" or "quit" and then what? there is no "enter" or "quit" button or mnu option. is this a joke?

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