Flash Cards for Learning Czech

I am in the process of learning the Czech language. To help myself along, I decided to make some flash cards to drill myself with. Being the geek that I am, I decided that I should create the cards digitally. Now I want to share my results with the rest of the Czech-learning world.

I have created two views on the cards, to allow you to either view the English or the side of the card first. Please see:

These flash cards are also always available via the Learning Czech Flash Cards at the very top of the page.

For the geeks out there: These cards where created in Drupal using the Content Creation Kit (CCK) to create the actual cards. Content Template to create the the two variations of the cards, one in the node view and one in the teaser view. I created a node-flashcard.tpl.php file for my theme to strip away the titles and creation dates from view. I used Automatic Nodetitles to save me the work of having to come up with titles for the cards. And finally, I used Views to create two different listings of all the cards, one showing the nodes and the other showing the previews.


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