Czech Flash Cards Bonus

I had a little time to spend in my Drupal workshop this evening and I cooked you all up another view on the ever popular Czech flash cards. Additionally I have incorporated another batch of cards bringing the total count above the 200 mark.

Apache Missing After Time Machine Restore

My last post was about the importance of a proper backup and how you should perform this using time machine while encrypting your user account with filevault. Which was a little bit foresighted, because I soon afterwords had my machine go tits up on me.

Encrypt Later: Filevault and Time Machine

I am an adamant believer that we are living in the age of information. The knowledge that we collect and protect is now one of the biggest measures of our worth. This post is about the latter matter of protecting the data that you have either created or collected on your computer, specifically your Apple computer. This protection takes two forms: one is protecting the integrity of your data; and the second is protecting your data from prying eyes.

Because we want to know:

A good friend of mine, and a an Apple mastermind, just started a new blog:, with the tagline reading: 'because we like to know'. I have a couple things to say about this. Number one: I love the name and wish that it was mine. And number two: I have used, to some great success, many of the suggestions posted on the blog thus far.

Most, but not all, of the posts on the site have something to do with hacking a mac or mac related technologies. I consider myself somewhat of a white hat mac hack, and thus have subscribed to the RSS feed on the front page.

More Czech Flash Cards

It has been awhile since I have put any posts here, due to the fact that it doesn't make me any money. That's right, I have been busy with work and learning Czech. To go with the topic of learning Czech, I have just posted another 50 flash cards to test yourself with.

This set includes more numbers, the days of the weeks, and a smattering of verbs and food item. I have created four views on these cards for you to begin your learning adventure with, please see:

Tsunami the Movie

Tsunami, the internet movie rage, is a weekend project from conception to final cut, enjoy. The truth is out there. This is the fictional account of brave climatologists who are the first to discover the unknown details of microclimates, leading them to the surprising truth about microtsunami's. The mission of is to educate the coastal communities about the effects of the mega resort complexes along with the unexplained events that effect local microclimates in such a way as to cause the much debated, but very real and highly devasting, MicroTsunamis. Also Known as LSSCWE or Localized Small Scale Catastrophic Wave Events.

Mock Polaroid Montage Photoshop Howto II

A detailed tutorial on how to turn a single digital photograph into a realistic looking polaroid montage. I will detail this with full instructions at every step so that it should only take a small amount of photoshop knowledge to recreate it.

Open your desired photo in photoshop
Duplicate the background layer (Layer => Duplicate Layer...)
Add a slight bevel to layer (Layer => Layer Style => Bevel and Emboss...)

Seattle DUI Lawyer

Seattle Criminal DefenseSeattle Criminal DefenseSeattle Marijuana Law Now that marijuana is legal in Washington, can I still get busted for possession? The answer is yes, read more at Seattle Marijuana Law.

Flash Cards for Learning Czech

I am in the process of learning the Czech language. To help myself along, I decided to make some flash cards to drill myself with. Being the geek that I am, I decided that I should create the cards digitally. Now I want to share my results with the rest of the Czech-learning world.

Mock Polaroid Montage Photoshop Howto

A detailed tutorial on how to turn a single digital photograph into a realistic looking polaroid montage.

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