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Just taking the opportunity to get my legals onto the internets.

Configuring Image Assist in Drupal 6

Image Assist is a great choice for adding images to content in Drupal. This module allows users to upload and insert inline images into posts. It automatically generates an Add image link under the textarea fields of your choice. In this post I will go throught the initial setup of this module, saving usage for a later post.

For a good discussion on multiple ways of importing images into your drupal site and each approaches pros and cons, please see: .

  1. Check your Status Report

Drupal Legal Module Provides Required Terms and Conditions

If you want to make any sort of terms and conditions applicable to becoming a member of your Drupal site, I would suggest using the Legal module. It provides for a text agreement that a user must agree to to get an account on the site. The agreement is signified via a single checkbox or multiple custom checkboxes. Additionally, the terms can be updated which requires users to agree to the agreement during their next site visit, a text box also provides for notes on changes.

Installation and Setup for Node Reference View

The Node Reference module defines a field type for use by the Content Creation Kit (CCK) to reference one node from another. It works very good and allows you to add a greater amount of complexity to your site. The only problem with the Node Reference module is that the default display options for the referenced node field are very limited. But thanks to the Node Reference Views module, you can use all the formatting power of the Views module to display your referenced node field.

Installing and Configuring Tagadelic in Drupal 6

Having built two fairly robust and strongly interlinked taxonomies to aid in categorization, SEO and navigability of my site, I decided I wanted one of those (old school) tag clouds to display my lexicon. After waiting for the enormous drupal modules page to load, I decided the best route to follow would be to use Tagadelic, though it appears that I may have to use helper modules to get the fully customizable effect I am looking for.

According to the module description found on the module page of your site: Tagadelic makes weighted tag clouds from your taxonomy terms.

Parked Domains

As a follow-up on my previous post, I have created a gratuitous list of a few of the domains that I currently have parked at Google. Do me a favor and click on through to a few. Recently updated with even more domains!

How to Park a Domain at Google via Adsense

As a Web developer I have collected a large stable of domains over the years. Sometimes from clients that failed to make payments. Sometimes from when my own genious internet startup ideas get no further then the late night domain purchase. I decided to make better use of my domains and have now turned a select few of them into parked domains at Google Adsense. An example can be found at . While I was at it, I wrote detailed notes for my company's use. I have included a version of those notes here to help anyone else along who plans to do the same.

Installing and Using a Czech Keyboard on your iPhone

The iPhone comes with a great number of built-in international keyboards. I will be discussing how to first turn on and then how to use the Czech keyboard. The great thing is that Apple made this easier than ever, and I hope they learn to make the Apple computer equivalents as easy to use (please see my previous article: Writing in Czech on your Mac). I don't want to waste your precious time, so here we go:

Garmin Forerunner 405 Firmware Update

After a few false starts I was able to update the fireware on my Garmin Forerunner 405 on my MacBook Pro. Since the process was a little difficult to navigate, or more specifically, since it was difficult finding the starting point, I decided to write up my steps in a list.

The latest version of the firmware is 2.3 and boasts changes such as updated translations, increased log accuracy, navigation upgrades, bezel accuracy, and numerous other enhancements.

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