What version of openssl am i running?

Since the Heartbleed bug was recently announced, everyone is scrambling to make sure their version of openssl is not vulnerable. To quickly tell if you are running a vulnerable version, run:

openssl version -a

Any version later than OpenSSL 1.0.1 is vulnerable and should be fixed. Please see the heart bleed homepage.

HTTP Response Codes

An HTTP Response Code will be sent to a client browser when they attempt to make a connection to a remote server via the HTTP protocol. A quick way to remember these codes is to study them on flashcards at onlineflashcards.net. The links to the cards can be found here: http://onlineflashcards.net/decks/timb/http-responce-codes


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My Mac told me it was 4:20

To get your apple computer to verbally remind you everyday at 4:20 that is 4:20, you need to set a crontab with a say command.
In your terminal run the command: sudo crontab -e. Then enter the following line:

20 16 * * * say -v fred 'what time is it?'; say '4 20'


Drupal 7 Ubercart Recurring Payment Cancellation Rule

For a current Drupal 7 project that uses Ubercart and Ubercart Recurring to provide for a subscription service, I need the ability for an admin user to be able to cancel a user's ongoing recurring fee when a subscription level is changed. I accomplished this with the following php rule:

// load all recurring fees for a user
$recurring_fees = uc_recurring_get_user_fees($user_uid);
// loop through fees
foreach ($recurring_fees AS $fee) {
// cancel each fee

Drupal 7 'Add to Cart' Rule for Ubercart

On a current site in development I am using Ubercart to provide a renewable subscription service. To make the user experience clean, I wanted to protect the user from going 'shopping' to add their subscription. To do this I decided to use a rule to add the product to the user cart when the user is created by an administrator or when the subscription is cancelled or fails payment. I tried the Ubercart Rules module, but this is mainly for dealing with orders and not carts, and did not contain the needed add to cart rule.

Clear Wireless http://cleardmodem ??!!!?! #@$?

Yesterday I got my Clear Hub Express for wireless 3g internet. The initial setup was straightforward and I was soon online with the default network ID and password. I like to have my network settings much tighter, so I needed to get into the modem admin screen. The 'quick start' guide supplied with the modem said to surf to 'http://cleardmodem' in your browser to administrate. This address does not work! The correct address is 'http://clearmodem'.

Jerk offs!

Make a free vCard

Tim A Bottman

I got the above free embed-able hCard by visiting bvcard.com. They also provide downloadable vCards.

Disable Incompatible GrowlMail Plugin in OSX 10.8

After upgrading to OSX 10.8, I no longer needed Growl installed because of the built-in notification system. After uninstalling Growl, I fould that GrowlMail was still installed and was keeping my Mail program from starting automatically. You can remove this plug-in manually by turning off mail, and then removing ~/Library/Mail/Bundles/GrowlMail.mailbundle

Train Dreams: A Novella

A historically interesting, yet somewhat disjointed, look at a man's hard life in the old west.

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